Hi there! I make 3D stuff… models, art, prints. I also write software, games (and play them!), wrangle servers, write stories and love photographing animals.

This is my hub page linking to everything I've created all over the internet.

Online names I use are Kiza and if that one is not available, Keeya. As for their meanings, I have heard so many different ones over the years that I'll leave it up to you to interpret anything into them.

My stuff elsewhere

3D: Artstation, Picarto, Gumroad, Guild Wars 2 themed Tumblr

Other stuff: Bandcamp, GitHub, Twitter

To get in touch send an email to of@kiza.eu

My old site is still available at archive.kiza.eu


Guild Wars 2

Fan art and commissions

GW2 Art

Art streams

Archived and current streams

Christmas Cannon

Christmas game for 2019

Santa Bomber

2018 "Christmas" game. Best to say no more about it.

Chili Charger

Puzzle your way to the promised land of pain! A hexagon puzzle game.


See weather themed pictures from all around the world and share your own.

Harry Dies

The evil princess has enslaved the dragon! No telling what she will do with a dragon at her disposal. We must rush to his rescue and confront the princess. Glory, treasure and most likely certain death await!


Cat (not only) content

My main photo galleries have moved to Tumblr on photos.kiza.eu. You can now even follow this one!